About Us

DuKlaw GmbH is a technology and services company based in Switzerland and operating globally with strong ties in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C. and London. We specialise in helping innovation ...

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Unique Value

DuKlaw works with innovation companies within a partnership and determines their suitability for engagement following a 10 point evaluation. After engagement, this evaluation leads to a ...

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Our team resources are applied to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses via strategic practices and direct participation at every level to ensure growth. We can leverage business ...

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The substantial DuKlaw resource capabilities derive from exclusive strategic associations with specialist resources, Tier 1 service and technology providers, holdings of strategic technology ...

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Developing Innovation Growth

We help growing companies with strategic resources and guidance. Growth for an innovative company has many stages and along the way it will require various resource needs. The strategic and tactical application of capital, business development and technology resources are blended with global industry knowledge and experience. We provide companies with a unique advantage and we offer that unique advantage with a high degree of quality, experience and expertise.

DuKlaw Developing Innovation Growth


24/03/2016 NuuED Inc.

NuuED Announces Spiral™ Release

Oakland, CA, March 24, 2016 (Newswire.com) - NuuED Inc., the advanced technology education company with the power to assist learners based on their unique learning and social styles, today, announced the release dates for its Spiral™ App Version 1.0. This product will commence distribution April 25, 2016 to the over 600,000 pre-subscribed customers.

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14/03/2016 Akyumen Technologies

Akyumen Partners With DuKlaw for Growth

Akyumen Technologies Corp. (Akyumen), the Los Gatos, California based mobile device company is expanding its partnership with DuKlaw with the launch of its latest version of the Falcon and Hawk mobile devices and distribution in the European market.

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07/03/2016 Cyber Intelligence Initiative

The Institute of World Politics’ new Cyber Intelligence Initiative announces strategic partnership with Duklaw

San Francisco RSA Cybersecurity Conference, March 3, 2016 - The Institute of World Politics' Cyber Intelligence Initiative (CII) and Duklaw have launched a new strategic partnership that will provide education in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence in ways that positively impact economic growth, investments, innovation and inter-operability.

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