About Us

Building Innovation Companies

We specialise in helping innovation companies grow by combining mission critical IT resources, experienced leadership in key practice areas, training, education, strong IP technology resources and access to business opportunities.

Uniquely, DuKlaw evaluates each innovation company based on how it fits in to the interoperability landscape with other companies and markets. This evaluation is cyber security centric, an essential value component in the architecture of successful companies today.

The DuKlaw company building approach provides the innovation company with the resources, guidance, technology and business opportunities it needs to grow into a profitable enterprise.


DuKlaw has built a team of principals, advisers, consultants and associated service providers. It offers over 35 years of applied experience, knowledge capital, leadership and success in building innovation companies.

DuKlaw applies its growth strategy and advisory methodology based on proven essential steps. Its business values are entrepreneurial and partnership is its core doctrine.

Our Mantra

We believe that capital alone will not build successful businesses. As a result, we work directly with and alongside our entrepreneur innovators to help grow their businesses by leveraging our experience, network, technology resources and financial capabilities. We concentrate on high-growth companies in the niche areas of cyber security, mobile telecommunications, education, finance, energy, health and social media networks. We look for real market innovation and we promote know how and technology transfer to increase value for our partner companies. We provide strategic guidance, technology and service resources to help our business partners succeed.

In today’s market environment the typical risk/reward evaluations for investing in innovation focuses on market evaluations, finance, team compositions, strategy, IP, etc. Oversight is applied through arms length reporting and representation. Typical investors will risk capital and then hope their objectives materialize. Most investments will fail or under-perform because the investors do not participate in the building or guidance of their investment with mission critical resources, either strategically or tactically.

This higher risk approach has created a large under-served market of innovators who cannot fully achieve their growth potential. Many of these companies are staying private longer and are averse to pursuing conventional venture capital and/or debt equity models. Their abilities to grow are stunted by a lack of resources, technologies, market development and thought leadership.

These are the differentiating qualities and services that make DuKlaw unique.

DuKlaw enables and accelerates companies to achieve their potential through a close working relationship. We believe this forms the foundation for success of any company.