About Us

We specialise in helping innovation companies grow by combining mission critical IT resources, experienced leadership in key practice areas, training, education, ...

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Unique Value

DuKlaw works with innovation companies within a partnership and determines their suitability for engagement following a 10 point evaluation. After engagement, this evaluation leads to a ...

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Our team resources are applied to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses via strategic practices and direct participation at every level to ensure growth. We can leverage business ...

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The substantial DuKlaw resource capabilities derive from exclusive strategic associations with specialist resources, Tier 1 service and technology providers, holdings of strategic technology ...

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Developing Innovation Growth

We help growing companies with strategic resources and guidance. Growth for an innovative company has many stages and along the way it will require various resource needs. The strategic and tactical application of capital, business development and technology resources are blended with global industry knowledge and experience. We provide companies with a unique advantage and we offer that unique advantage with a high degree of quality, experience and expertise.

DuKlaw Developing Innovation Growth